Lissa Schwerm

  • Erik Markus Schütz
  • Markus Fisher
  • Shantia Ullmann
  • Jens-Peter Fiedler
  • Ingrid Mülleder
  • Celina Böhm
  • Caroline M. Hochfelner
  • Elisabeth Rass
  • Tim Breyvogel
  • Peter Arp

Back to the Roots

- Fall 2014 -




Salzburg in the near future.

After the global extinction of flora and fauna due to ever-growing urbanisation, environmental pollution and exploitation of nature, the balance of nature seems to restore itself: humanity is shaken with a global disease whose virus gradually transforms infected people into trees.

The remaining healthy inhabitants hermetically seal their city in order to escape the virus. Their only dearest wish and ultimate goal is to stay healthy. To achieve this, they are faced with the loss of their humanity: no social contact, no feelings, no love.

Isolated and under constant observation they keep working to serve the authoritarian regime that makes use of their misery. To keep the city sterile, every citizen suspecting even one of the slightest symptoms, is bound to come forward - to be guided into an alleged paradise for infected citizens, outboards the city walls. The government’s alluring propaganda, however, starts to cast doubt as the used footage is out-dated.

The propaganda machine therefore decides to employ the young media assistant Ayla (Lissa Schwerm) to supply them with new, more credible footage from the outer zone.

During her mission, she gets to know the true facts about the prevailing conditions outboards. At the gates of the city she encounters hunger, pain and misery. Conscientiously, together with her companion and former soldier Andrej (Erik Markus Schütz), she tries to accomplish the task that has been assigned to her – no matter at what cost.

As their mission is threatened to fail in consequence of a car accident, Ayla unintentionally embarks on a journey to discover her own roots.